Plasma Cutting

We have 2 high definition Plasma cutters capable of cutting mild steel from 1mm thick up to 60mm thick, any sheet size up to and including 8.8 metre by 3 metre. Cutting tolerances vary dependent on thickness of plate, shape and particular tolerances of the profile. Generally tolerances achieved are +/-0.5mm per metre run. Please contact sales team for specifics.

Flame Cutting

Our flame cutter has a 4 metre by 2 metre bed, and will cut any thickness of Heavy steel


Our brake press has the capabilities of folding up to 3 metres wide allowing us to manufacture folded angle, channel and stair treads, including Durbar in house up to 12mm thick.


Hole size up to and including 100mm diameter, counter sinking, counter boring and reaming.


Staircases, steel structures, mezzanine floors, gates and fencing including all types of carbon steel manufacture. As a profilers and fabricators this enables us to profile our own base plates and gussets, ensuring we can offer the shortest possible lead times to our customers.


We stock all forms of carbon steel, from S275JR, S355J2 + N, Wear Resistant 400 Brunel, Wear Plate S355W. We stock durbar from 3mm o/p to 12mm o/p. We also run our own delivery service.

Plough Grinding

Offering tolerances up to and including +/- 0.25mm.


3000mm wide up to 10mm thick

Shot Blasting and Painting

We have a 3m wide x 4m long x 5m high shot blasting bay. We also have a large dedicated paint shop with ventilation and heating.