Harbex supplies this particular client with large profiles, gussets, and base plates in all thicknesses for their ongoing projects on the railway. As Harbex has the ability to offer drilling, profiling and machining we are the perfect choice for fabricators, they can get all their materials and the preparation they need from one supplier.

This particular client is a well known fabricator in the South East. Harbex has been supplying this customer with cut and drilled profiles, and folded angle for many years to go in to their large ongoing station projects. This customer requires fast response times, and the shortest possible lead times with a high standard finish and meeting CE regulations. Over the years Harbex has satisfied these requirements, the relationship built with this customer is testament to this.

Harbex has recently started supplying profiles for a large ripper manufacturer in Sheerness. With a wide product range this client requires many different shaped profiles in all different thickness, and grades including 400 Brunel, which we now stock, and with tight machining tolerances they demand accuracy and precision cut profiles.

As we now have the extra space and capabilities we have taken on many more steel structure fabrication jobs. Combining our employees experience and expertise with the equipment and facilities we have acquired from our new site we are able to manufacture steel structures in house, cutting our own profiles, fabricating, shot blasting, and painting.

Harbex has now started manufacturing skips. Ranging from 6 yard all the way up to heavy duty 40 yard skips. Design, colour and sign writing all to customer specification.